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AI as an innovation driver

Innovations drive progress, but they also bring challenges. The subject of this interview is artificial intelligence in the Heraeus Group. It is already being used in a wide range of areas and promises significant added value for the company and our customers. AI expert and developer Srinesh Shenoi explains how it works.

AI has already established itself at Heraeus in many ways: With the Heraeus AI Assistant, generative AI is available to employees as an smart tool. The two OpCos Heraeus Conamic and Heraeus Comvance use classical AI for the quality assurance of quartz glass - one of the most important Heraeus products. Heraeus Comvance also uses AI to support efficient packing of its quartz glass furnaces.

The wide range of possible applications needs to be planned, developed and supported. The Heraeus Digital Hub not only takes on the role of developer and driver in many important projects, but also supports Heraeus as a whole in implementing the digital transformation.

In this interview, Data Scientist Srinesh Shenoi, a member of the Heraeus Digital Hub, explains the role of AI in the company's day-to-day operations. He discusses the different areas of application of AI at Heraeus and shows how AI is influencing production processes in the industry.

Interview with a data scientist

Srinesh Shenoi puts AI concepts into practice. He programs and works on a wide variety of projects across the company, always with the aim of using AI to improve everyday working life.

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