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Compliance Hotline: Heraeus SpeakUp

For companies and employees, it is a joint responsibility to comply with all applicable rules and regulations. Part of a good compliance culture is that compliance violations and unethical behavior can be reported confidentially and without fear of retaliation. To this end, Heraeus offers the globally available compliance communication channel "Heraeus SpeakUp," which is available to all internal and external stakeholders.

Heraeus SpeakUp enables employees and other business partners, especially suppliers and customers, to inform Heraeus confidentially about unethical behavior and possible compliance violations. 

Heraeus welcomes employees to first raise possible compliance violations with supervisors, local Compliance Officers (CO) or GBU Compliance Officers. If this does not seem possible or purposeful to the whistleblower, reporting of compliance violations should be done via Heraeus SpeakUp. Alternatively, reporting to the external ombudsman appointed by Heraeus is also possible.

What types of potential compliance violations can be reported?

  • Criminal offenses, in particular theft, fraud, corruption, violations of antitrust laws, money laundering

  • Violation of human rights or environmental standards, at Heraeus or in the supply chain, in particular violations of the Heraeus Supply Chain Due Diligence Policy

  • Data protection violations and information security breaches

  • Other significant violations of law

  • Significant violations of internal policies

The following issues cannot be covered by the Compliance Hotline:

  • Employment law conflicts

  • Misconduct by colleagues or supervisors not directly related to Heraeus business activities

  • Minor violations of internal guidelines, e.g., one-time violation of documentation requirements

How can I report a (suspected) compliance violation?

Contact external ombudsman

Dr. Rainer BuchertExternal ombudsman
Send Mail

Externer OmbudsmannKaiserstr. 2260311 Frankfurt / Main