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Working at Heraeus

Heraeus Consulting - Let's get excellent and digital together

Become part of our team at a family-owned, world-leading technology group.

Who we are

We are the inhouse consulting unit for Heraeus consisting of three teams: Supply Chain Excellence, Commercial Excellence and the Heraeus Digital Hub.

Our organizational unit was established in 2015 with the support of the renowned management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. We work in a very customer-oriented way and change with the needs of the Heraeus Operating Companies. Beyond that, our passion is to develop talents for Heraeus. The vast majority of our alumni transition in management functions into the business.

What we do

As the corporate consulting unit at Heraeus, we combine content experience with project management skills and the often-important view from the outside.

Together, we strive for world-class levels in processes and products, drive digital transformation, and implement solutions.

Even though we are a relatively small unit compared to the size of Heraeus, we are a major driver of innovation. This is reflected in our impressive track record of finalists and winners in the prestigious, internal innovation contest, the Heraeus Awards.

How we do it

Even though our inhouse consulting teams differ in their fields of competence, some common standards apply to all of them. We follow a standardized approach, place the lean philosophy at the center of all activities, and value knowledge sharing and an open-minded culture.

  • We enable our customers to make substantial and lasting performance improvements
  • We team up passionately with our customers in a highly professional manner
  • We create an unrivaled work environment and enable personal growth

Looking forward to meeting you

We look for motivated, open-minded people who are creative, embrace innovation and bring imagination to their work. Our employees see opportunities instead of obstacles, have a passion for solving problems and constantly look for new and better ways to serve our customers. At Heraeus, we will provide the supportive environment where you can grow professionally and unlock your full potential.