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Return and Delivery Information

You have a return or would like to deliver materials for recycling, cast or provision of materials for production? Please note the following steps to make sure your delivery gets to the right person and can be processed quickly.

Four steps for a successful delivery

  1. Get in touch with your contact person.
  2. Your contact person sends you the correct address, the necessary documents and your transaction code (RMA) in a timely manner.
  3. You prepare the necessary delivery documents for your shipment and indicate the transaction code (RMA). In most cases, only a simple note is required. Depending on the type of materials, however, additional information or even regulatory approvals may be required. We are happy to support you in this process.
  4. After clarification of the terms of delivery please send your shipment to the right address, indicating the transaction code (RMA).

What is your delivery request?