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Corporate Responsibility

At Heraeus, we value responsible conduct highly, and it contributes to our long-term success. Learn more about compliance, human rights and sustainability in the Heraeus Group.

"As a family and technology company, we are on a long journey to 2060 and beyond. Every five years, we formulate guidelines to accompany us on the road to 2060. With the current stage, Vision 2025, we have set important milestones that we want to achieve on this path. These include strengthening the business portfolio through investments and taking better account of sustainability criteria in decisions. We are well on the way to achieving these goals. I look forward to achieving this goal together with the support of our shareholders, the corporate bodies, the managers and all employees in our various businesses and locations."

- Jan Rinnert, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Heraeus Group -

Jan Rinnert, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Heraeus Group


With the Compliance Management System, Heraeus has defined procedures to ensure Group-wide compliance with legal obligations and voluntary guidelines. At the Group level, the Heraeus Compliance Officer (Responsibility Office) is responsible for the management system. Operational implementation and adherence to the compliance rules of the Group and the respective OpCo is the responsibility of the managing directors, who are supported in this by the responsible compliance officers. 

In this context, the Heraeus Code of Conduct serves as a central framework for action for the global business activities of all business segments and has contributed to securing the long-term success of the company since 2007. It contains binding regulations that are specified in guidelines that apply throughout the Group.

Human rights and sustainable procurement

As a family-owned company with over 160 years of history, Heraeus is committed to the principle of sustainability and to respecting and upholding universally recognized human rights. Heraeus is committed to treating its employees, including temporary and migrant workers and employees in other employment relationships, with dignity and respect. Heraeus also expects its customers and suppliers to respect the human rights of their employees. Expectations of suppliers are set forth in the Heraeus Supply Chain Due Diligence Policy and the Heraeus Code of Conduct for Suppliers.


The sustainability reports of the Heraeus Group convey impressively how resolutely the company assumes social responsibility and pursues sustainable economic practices. We make progress by adapting our products and processes for more environmental protection and resource efficiency.

Furthermore, we are committed to fostering an inclusive corporate culture that promotes diversity and integration. Our goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030 underscores our commitment to combating climate change and to creating a sustainable legacy. These efforts are a promise to our customers, partners, and our employees that Heraeus is continuously working on sustainable value creation for society and the environment.