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Heraeus Foundations: responsible and committed support

Growth needs to be seen in more than economic terms, as more than a struggle to accumulate ever-increasing amounts of material goods. Growth is a matter of intrinsic human values, and financial and human interests need to grow together. This ideal has led the Heraeus shareholders to establish four privately funded foundations since 1963. The foundations are a testimony to the wide-ranging social commitment of the Heraeus family.

Kathinka Platzhoff Foundation

The goal of the non-profit Kathinka Platzhoff Foundation, founded in 1981, is to provide support and encouragement for children, youth and seniors in cooperation with the Walloon-Dutch Congregation of the Evangelical Reformed Church in Hanau. This includes support and education for children and youth as they develop into independent, creative and responsible individuals, as well as active assistance specifically targeted to the needs of older adults. The Foundation maintains a social welfare facility, which encompasses a senior center and a youth center, a daycare facility for children, a family center, an outpatient nursing service and a residential component geared to the needs of the disabled and the elderly.

Heraeus Social Foundation

Founded in 1973, the Heraeus Social Foundation is a relief fund for current and former Heraeus Group employees and their families. Under the motto “listening, talking, taking action,” it works together with Heraeus Holding counseling services to provide comprehensive support and counseling in every aspect of social life. The Heraeus Social Foundation offers support to those experiencing difficulty caring for a family member and provides counseling during personal crises. As appropriate, the Foundation makes contact with suitable therapy providers, provides financial assistance in emergency situations and offers support in dealing with family problems. The aim of the foundation is to provide individual counseling and support in order to defuse and resolve crisis situations through active and cooperative efforts.

Heraeus Educational Foundation

The Heraeus Educational Foundation has been involved in educational issues since 1965, with a focus on continuing education for teachers, school administrators, and school board members. Under the motto "Personality Makes the School," the foundation reaches more than 9,000 teachers and school administrators each year with seminars on topics such as personality development, leadership, relationship culture in schools, and school development.

With other events, such as the "German Teacher Award - Innovative Teaching" or a variety of discussion formats at the foundation's headquarters at Stresemannstrasse 11 in Hanau, the Heraeus Education Foundation promotes public appreciation of the teaching profession and the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas between schools, science, business, politics and society. The Heraeus Education Foundation is active throughout Germany.

Further information can be found at www.heraeus-bildungsstiftung.de (German).

Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation

Wilhelm und Else Heraeus established their joint foundation in 1963 to promote research and training in the natural sciences, particularly physics. The Foundation encourages scientific exchange by organizing conferences and seminars, supporting talented students and contributing in various ways to improving science education in schools. The Foundation has worked closely with the German Physical Society (DPG) since the mid-1970s. The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation is highly regarded among physicists, and is considered to be Germany’s most important private donor institution in the field of physics.