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Heraeus acquires stake in start-up Zadient Technologies SAS, a materials supplier to the high-tech silicon carbide semiconductor industry


The Hanau-based technology company Heraeus has acquired a significant stake in the start-up company Zadient. Heraeus, as a German high-tech materials player considers the market of SiC base material highly relevant and a suitable addition to its other operations.

The French-German firm Zadient specializes in the production of silicon carbide source material. Silicon carbide is a wide band gap semiconductor material, which is currently gaining rapid traction in the semiconductor market. Its properties lend themselves to use in power semiconductors, which help to convert current and voltages. Its fundamental contribution is the dramatic increase in efficiency it provides over silicon by reducing the heat losses that occur while power passes through chips. Its ability to handle higher power densities with low losses allows for the transition from 400V to 800V battery systems in EVs which significantly shortens their charging time and increases their range. SiC based electronics are also smaller and lighter, which also contributes to increased range. These properties have lead to the rapid adoption of SiC in applications ranging from the main inverters and on-board chargers in EVs to wind and solar power inverters, battery storage systems and even airplane power management modules. The breadth of these few examples is already an indication of the significant role SiC will play in the mobility and energy transition.

Through the partnership, Heraeus intends to accelerate the company's growth and support Zadient's innovative approach with its own know-how.

Zadient high purity silicon carbide source material

"Heraeus recognizes the potential of the SiC market and considers it to be highly relevant for high-tech applications. By acquiring a stake in Zadient, we can jointly offer our customers even better solutions" said Steffen Metzger, member of the Heraeus Group Management Committee. “We are very happy that we found a way to accelerate growth in the SiC market by combining the innovative ideas of the materials start-up Zadient with the manufacturing and technical expertise of the Heraeus Group.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with an industry leader like Heraeus,” noted Zadient CEO Kagan Ceran.  “The expertise that Heraeus has in the industrial scale production of advanced materials, both in its home market of Germany and abroad, offers us unique synergies as we strive to realize our vision to be the world’s largest volume, highest purity producer of silicon carbide semiconductor materials.”

About Zadient

Zadient is a start-up company with headquarters in Chambery, France, and another production facility near Leipzig, Germany. The company manufactures high-purity silicon carbide source material through the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process and also develops technologies for high-yield large-diameter crystal growth.  Zadient’s mission is to help remove materials bottlenecks in the silicon carbide semiconductor value chain and accelerate the wide-spread adoption of this highly energy efficient technology in the Electric Transition.

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