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Inspiring employees for innovation, excellence, and sustainability

Since 2003, Heraeus has been honoring employees and teams with outstanding ideas creating products, improving processes, or solving critical problems for customers.

For the annual Heraeus Awards, employees can submit innovative products and projects in five categories reflecting different topics and life cycle stages along the value chain. In addition to its own research and development, Heraeus awards open innovation approaches and projects that address market challenges, sustainability goals or commercial and administrative performance.

The Heraeus Group is a broadly diversified and globally leading technology and family-owned company. Customers benefit from innovative technologies and solutions. This requires bold thinking, a commitment to excellence and a relentless focus on innovation.

Heraeus Awards 2023

Heraeus Awards 2023 - New Focus Award

For me, the core of successful projects is the combination of good ideas, commercial success and outstanding teamwork. This is how you create innovation and excellence that will stand the test of time. And it is precisely these projects that are honored at the Heraeus Awards. We want to keep it that way, says Nikolas Pojezny, Member oft he Group Management Committee and mentor of the Heraeus Awards. 

Heraeus employees and teams from 11 countries submitted almost 100 projects for the Heraeus Awards 2023. The presentation of the awards was celebrated in a worldwide broadcast via live stream. Many employees followed the exciting presentations of the finalists and had the opportunity to vote for their favorite alongside a jury of experts.

Heraeus Awards Livestream 2023

The five award categories at a glance

Early-Stage Award

Turning ideas into reality: The Early-stage Award recognizes the ability to develop an idea with potential and take it from the research lab to the market.

Scale-Up Award

Establish in the market: This category honors teams that have built their idea from concept stage to a successful and growing business. 

Impact Award

Making a difference: With the Impact Awards, Heraeus honors the work of employees and project teams who have found new ways to improve existing products, services, or processes. The winning projects have proven to be financially successful and sustainable. 

Sustainability Award

Creating value: With the Sustainability Award, Heraeus honors projects, business models and products, but also strategic initiatives that create and maximize social, environmental and economic value for customers, partner companies and also for Heraeus itself. 

Focus Award

Increase efficiency: This year's Focus Award deals with generative AI technologies. We reward projects and ideas that open up new opportunities in our existing activities, and may enable completely new ways of doing business.