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revalyu builds major industrial PET recycling facility in the US

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revalyu, a leading chemical PET recycling company, expands its worldwide footprint by acquiring 43 acres of land in the USA to build a PET recycling plant with a capacity of up to 450,000 pounds per day.

revalyu Resources (revalyu), a leading chemical PET recycling company, today announced that it will invest USD 50 million during the initial phase of its strategic expansion in its first facility in the USA. The location for its new plant will be in Statesboro, Georgia where groundbreaking will take place in the first half of 2023 and commissioning of the facility is planned for 2024. The 43-acre Statesboro site will employ approximately 70 people. When the first phase is completed, the plant will be able to recycle and process over 225,000 pounds per day of used PET (polyester) waste into sustainable PET polymers (esters) and rPET chips. In further expansion, the plant will have a capacity of up to 450,000 pounds. 

Recycling post-consumer PET bottles into high quality sustainable PET polymer (Ester)

Using a breakthrough chemical recycling technology, revalyu has already recycled over six billion bottles. The cost-effective recycling process extracts impurities efficiently and delivers recycled PET of highest purity. The process uses 91% less energy and 67% less water than conventional polyester processes. 
Customer applications have shown that the quality of recycled PET from plastic bottles is equivalent to that of virgin PET and can be used as a direct replacement. Once converted into high quality recycled PET, revalyu’s rPET chips can be used to produce any kind of sustainable PET product. Currently, it is mostly used in the textile industry for applications such as seamless knitting, weaving, denim, automotive, furniture or technical textiles. 

Targeting recycling capacity of more than 2 million pounds per day by 2026 

“We thank all our US customers, partners, and the Statesboro community for their support, trust, and confidence in us. Expanding our operations to the US is an important milestone for our global expansion strategy. It brings us closer to our target of recycling more than two million pounds of used PET bottles per day by 2026 and contributes to solving the plastic waste problem”, said Jan van Kisfeld, Managing Director of revalyu. 
“The recycling process is unique and delivers the world’s cleanest, highest quality and most sustainable polyester products to our customers. We have commercialized a breakthrough and environmentally sustainable technology and revalyu will become the leading global brand for recycling polyester. We continue to seek strong partners globally who wish to work with us on the global roll out of this technology”, stated Dr. Vivek Tandon, Founder of revalyu. 
Benjy Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of the Development Authority of Bulloch County, commented: "Our community is very excited to welcome revalyu to Statesboro-Bulloch County. revalyu has a respected reputation for their plastics recycling process and the positive effects it will have on the environment. We are very excited that our region will be the first U.S. site for their truly innovative technology.” 

About revalyu Resources GmbH 

revalyu Resources built and commercialized the world’s first breakthrough chemical full glycolysis recycling plant in Nashik, India. It currently employs over 300 people. Used PET bottles are first converted into sustainable monomers, then filtered to remove all impurities before being re-polymerized. The result is a very pure sustainable PET polymer (Ester) which can used to directly replace PET polymers produced from petrochemicals. At present the company sells recycled PET pellets and filament yarns to over 60 repeats customers in over 15 countries. In 2022 Heraeus Group, a global Fortune 500 technology and family-owned company from Germany acquired the major stake in revalyu Resources and is supporting the company’s expansion plans. For more information about revalyu Resources, please go to