revalyu built and commercialized the world’s first breakthrough chemical full glycolysis recycling plant in Nashik, India. It currently employs over 300 people. Used PET bottles are first converted into sustainable monomers, then filtered to remove all impurities before being re-polymerized. The result is a very pure sustainable PET polymer (Ester) which can used to directly replace PET polymers produced from petrochemicals. At present the company sells recycled PET pellets and filament yarns to over 60 repeats customers in over 15 countries.

revalyu has commercialized a groundbreaking, innovative PET recycling technology for plastic bottles, transforming single-use plastics from waste to a valuable resource. By adopting this revolutionary process, discarded plastic bottles can be efficiently and effectively recycled, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable world. 

As the global consumption of plastic bottles rises, currently standing at approximately 1.8 billion discarded bottles daily, the importance of recycling is more crucial than ever. Revalyu's mission is to recycle as many used plastic bottles as possible, saving around 15,000 barrels of oil per day and preventing the release of 22,000 kg of CO2 emissions. Since 2015, the company has recycled over 6.6 billion plastic bottles, making a significant positive environmental impact. 

Revalyu's innovative PET recycling process employs a unique method to break down used plastic PET bottles into sustainable esters or monomers. These monomers directly substitute conventional oil-derived counterparts, serving as the foundation for manufacturing various PET-based products, including polyester textiles, PET bottles, films, and sustainable packaging. 

Designed to minimize the unwanted side effects of traditional depolymerization processes, Revalyu's low-temperature glycolysis technology relies on mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) as the chemical solvent. MEG is an integral component of polyester, ensuring that no toxic or non-compatible chemicals are introduced in the process. With this advanced PET recycling solution, Revalyu is prepared to roll out its technology on a global scale, supporting a more sustainable future

“The recycling process is unique and delivers the world’s cleanest, highest quality and most sustainable polyester products to our customers. We have commercialized a breakthrough and environmentally sustainable technology and revalyu will become the leading global brand for recycling polyester.” 

- Vivek Tandon, Founder of revalyu - 


Vivek TandonFounder revalyu Resources GmbH
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