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Heraeus Photovoltaics 

Solar power generation is an indispensable resource for clean energy – today and in the future. Heraeus Photovoltaics is a world leader in the development and manufacture of specialized metallization pastes for solar cells. The operating company aims to accelerate the adoption of solar energy and contribute to a green world through innovation and high sustainability. Heraeus Photovoltaics is devoted to providing higher-performance products and solutions for global solar cell manufacturers. 

Heraeus Photovoltaics considers every product innovation as a dedicated effort to make the Earth a better place through the power of technology. In the future, Heraeus Photovoltaics will leverage its expertise in silver paste, coupled with proactive innovation and extensive experience to establish a strong presence within the supply chain. Heraeus Photovoltaics has always attached significance to openness and innovation. 

The Photovoltaics industry is a highly dynamic market environment: technologies are enhanced permanently to further increase the efficiency of solar modules. The Operating Company within the Heraeus Group has recently joined forces with its business partners to establish a photovoltaic metallization innovation platform. This platform is intended to bring together resources and advanced technologies, ushering in a new generation of cooperation in digital innovation. Through collaborative efforts, Heraeus Photovoltaics and its partners aim to explore and implement innovative metallization solutions that will enable the industry to achieve green development and reap the benefits of synergistic innovation.  

Paste customization laboratories & technical service centers: State-of-the-art laboratories that support optimization of the application at customer partners, for example the number of finger lines, line width and shape or the number of busbars. To replicate the customers’ metallization processes and to analyze the concrete formulation needs, the technical service centers are also equipped to print and fire wafers using a variety of equipment.

“Our primary focus is on our key customers. We closely monitor their activities and align our efforts to complement and support their initiatives. By working hand in hand, we aim to achieve mutual growth and success.”

- Bill Gao, President of Heraeus Photovoltaics - 



Bill GaoPresident Heraeus Photovoltaics
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Bill Gao, President of Heraeus Photovoltaics