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Heraeus Medical

Heraeus Medical creates added value for patients, medical staff and the healthcare system. We achieve this by offering solutions for the fixation of joint implants, by advancing the topic of infection management and because we are pioneers in the field of regenerative treatment options for bone, cartilage and soft tissue. 

We are your partner of excellence in orthobiology. 


Heraeus Medical is an internationally leading company in the field of medical solutions and product development. For many years, they have been passionately dedicated to developing high-quality products and innovative solutions for orthopedic surgery and medical technology. 

The focus is on improving the quality of life for patients by providing top-notch implants, instruments, and biomaterials. At Heraeus Medical, they combine state-of-the-art technologies with profound medical expertise to push the boundaries of medical possibilities. 

Heraeus Medicals product line encompasses a variety of solutions that contribute to restoring mobility and supporting the healing process. Whether it's joint replacement or bone regeneration, their products are valued and utilized by medical professionals worldwide

As a part of the Heraeus Group, Heraeus Medical takes pride in its achievements within the medical industry and its close collaborations with leading physicians, hospitals, and clinics. The company maintains a focus on remaining at the forefront of new technology development and advancements in patient care.

Heraeus Medical is dedicated to establishing new standards and influencing the future of orthopedic surgery through ongoing research and development efforts. The company's primary commitment is to the well-being of patients, and it diligently works towards delivering optimal solutions that significantly enhance their quality of life.

The company takes pride in the association of its name with quality, innovation, and trust. Heraeus Medical positions itself as a dependable partner that is deeply committed to the enhancement of medical care on a global scale.

Bringing joy back to patients' lives

"We restore mobility from severe osteoarthritis or bone disease, and prevent the devastating effect of musculoskeletal infection. This is achieved by providing the most effective long term fixation method for joint replacement and a broad range of cutting edge therapeutic options."

- Heraeus Medical - 


Nicole PetermannPresident Heraeus Medical
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Nicole Petermann, President Heraeus Medical
Andrew WilliamsonPresident Heraeus Medical
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Andrew Williamson, President Heraeus Medical