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Heraeus Medevio

Heraeus Medevio contributes to enhancing lives through the delivery of life-saving and transformative medical devices to market, in collaboration with their partners. The company serves as a supportive extension to medical device OEM teams, providing assistance from the conception stage through to production ramp-up. This is achieved through tailored end-to-end approaches, expanded capabilities, and the utilization of global resources. In pursuit of their vision to improve 100 million lives annually, Heraeus Medevio cultivates a culture of curiosity that thrives on challenges, continuous learning, growth, and embracing new opportunities.

Heraeus Medevio is actively involved in improving lives by bringing lifesaving and life-changing medical devices to the market in collaboration with partners. The operational company functions as an extension to medical device OEM teams, providing support in everything from concept development to production ramp-up with a customized, end-to-end approach. It maintains specializations in several therapeutic markets, including Cardiac Rhythm Management, Diabetes, and Electrophysiology.

As part of the Heraeus Group, Heraeus Medevio capitalizes on its vast expertise in advanced technologies and supply chain management to address complex challenges. The company maintains a commitment to high-quality performance and delivering high-value solutions, drawing on a 170-year history in material science.

With a goal of improving 100 million lives each year, Heraeus Medevio fosters a culture rooted in curiosity, embracing challenges, continuous learning, growth, and exploring new possibilities. Operating globally with production sites in the US, EU, and Asia, and more than 2,200 employees worldwide, the company meets the challenges of the future today.

The advanced products and services offered by the company make it a prominent player in the medical device industry, focusing on quality, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction.

The need for medical device OEMs and start-ups to outsource has grown in recent years as the need for expertise, agility, and focus has become more critical. Our company has and will continue to grow to meet the needs of our partners and act as an extension to fill any gaps they have in their product life cycles, from concept forward.” 

- Heiko Specht, Head of Medevio -


Heiko SpechtPresident Heraeus Medevio
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Heiko Specht, President of Medivio