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Heraeus High Performance Coatings

Heraeus High Performance Coatings provides unique coatings and interlayers for next generation products. These coatings and interlayers may be an active part of a new device, a passive component of a new product or may be used as supporting element during the production process.

Typical application areas are electronics, E-mobility, electric storage, and hydrogen economy. However, the use is not restricted to these industries. Representative products are electrically insulating and heat conducting layers, separation coatings, super small gap laminated magnets, high end friction shims. 

Heraeus High Performance Coatings uses a revolutionary coating process to form these coatings and interlayers: Aerosol Deposition. This technique is based on the mechanisms of Room Temperature Impact Consolidation. It operates at room temperature and at rough vacuum. Among its advantages is the ability to use various coating materials, including metals and ceramics, on different types of substrates, such as metal, glass, ceramic, and semiconductor. The produced coatings are highly compact and have remarkable adhesion properties. They are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stress while maintaining the general properties of the coating material. 

With its in-depth process, material and equipment know-how, Heraeus High Performance Coatings accompanies clients from the feasibility study phase to integrating the process into their production line. Heraeus High Performance Coatings offers numerous ceramic and metallic coatings, including customized blends, and continuously develops new coating materials to optimize them for the various applications. 


Dr. Ilka Verena LuckHead of Heraeus High Performance Coatings
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Dr. Ilka Verena Luck, Head of Heraeus High Performance Coatings