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Heraeus AMLOY specializes in the development of amorphous alloys as well as the manufacturing of amorphous components. As the only manufacturer worldwide, Heraeus AMLOY offers its customers two different near net shape process technologies for the manufacture of amorphous components in-house: injection molding and 3D printing. The different process technologies allow both the production of series products and the manufacture of customer-specific components.

Amorphous metals are formed by undercooling metallic melts. The atoms have no opportunity to form a crystalline lattice and solidify in a disordered manner (amorphous). Since amorphous metals do not have lattice structures, no grain and phase boundaries are formed. Amorphous alloys enable extended product lifetime through corrosion resistance and reduced abrasion. Enabled by the high strength of the material, they also play an important role in miniaturization. In addition, extraordinary elastic bevahiour enables new design freedom towards higher performance products.  

Since metallic glasses, as amorphous metals are also called, combine unique material properties, they are ideally suited for a wide range of innovative high-tech applications in various industries. The advantages of amorphous alloys play out in various fields such as medical technology, sensorics, robotics, aerospace, e-mobility, tool inserts and lifestyle applications.  

Important properties where conventional materials reach their limits can be fulfilled by amorphous components in medical technology. Patient-specific implants can be printed or standard components manufactured serially. In addition, the new class of materials offers advantages in the areas of biomechanical properties, biocompatibility, durability, dynamic fixation and stabilization as well as miniaturization and design improvements. In sensor applications, amorphous components provide higher accuracy and show high resolution in low pressure ranges. In addition, they are reliable as they show low hysteresis and no significant temperature effects. However, amorphous components can also reveal their full potential in the other sectors and overcome unmet market needs. 

"With our amorphous alloys and best in class technologies of processing amorphous components we strive to exceed today´s application limitations to adress unmet market needs for next generation products. We are the global leader for sustainable and environmental friendly amorphous product solutions by managing innovative and winning business models. We are customer focused with an easy to deal with attitude to offer an extraordinary customer journey. Our employees working day by day in direction to excellence to reach our objectives by supporting each other as a team."

- Valeska Melde, Head of AMLOY -


Valeska MeldeHead of AMLOY
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Valeska Melde, Head of AMLOY