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ETS Technology (ETS) 

ETS develops and commercializes a novel borate-based bioactive glass technology platform for wound care and hemostasis. ETS received FDA clearance for its first product, Mirragen, a resorbable synthetic skin substitute, and continues to expand the technology to new applications. 

ETS is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of artificial human tissue products. The company's primary focus is the production of 3D bioprinted skin tissue for medical and cosmetic applications. ETS's artificial skin tissue products offer a range of benefits over traditional tissue grafts, including faster healing times, a lower risk of infection, and reduced scarring. 

One of the company's most important products is Mirragen® - it is intentionally engineered using elements naturally found in your body that support the healing process. Unlike typical glass, bioactive glass is a soft, fibrous material that forms to the wound. As your wound improves, Mirragen is absorbed into the surrounding tissue so there’s no need to have it removed. 

ETS is located in Rolla, Missouri, and operates in several markets, including the medical and cosmetic industries. The company's artificial skin tissue products serve as alternatives to traditional skin grafts and are utilized in a range of applications, including burn wound care, testing of cosmetics and personal care products, and pharmaceutical development. ETS collaborates with cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies to develop new products and for research in a range of therapeutic areas. 

MIRRAGEN® Advanced Wound Matrix from ETS Wound Care

“Across every treatment area, medical technology is changing rapidly. The acquisition of Mo-Sci and ETS gives us new capabilities to help our customers deliver innovative technologies and breakthrough treatments that will improve outcomes and patient care.” 

-Dr. Nicolas Guggenheim, President Heraeus Medical Technologies Business Area -


Dr. Nicolas GuggenheimPresident Heraeus Medical Technologies Business Area
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Dr. Nicolas Guggenheim, President Heraeus Medical Technologies Business Area